About Micki

Micki is originally from England, where she grew up in the middle of nowhere and had to entertain herself by digging holes, making mud pies, and setting things on fire. She attended school for many years, during which time she learned many useless things. The best lesson she learned at art school was when everyone had to pass their drawings to their neighbor, who then rubbed them out. After this she got the hell out of England armed with nothing but a backpack and a Swiss Army Knife and perfected her hole digging, mud pie making and fire setting at summer camp in Ohio.

She decided to put off growing up by attending several more years of university getting degrees in poetry. After this she earned her living imparting her hole digging, mud pie making, fire setting and writing wisdom to many youths at the University of Pittsburgh. Meanwhile, she raised children, vegetables, and the volume on her car radio.

Always interested in total disaster, she published a book called Trigger Finger which is all about shooting things, and has written a book in the voice of the Marlboro Man, a book about 2000 years of alternate human history, and a book about Scott of the Antarctic. Her memoir about breast cancer, It's Probably Nothing... will be published by Simon & Schuster on October 1st 2013. It's funny and poignant — you should buy it.

She is the genius behind the blogs Scott's Last Blog (which follows Scott's long descent into death); The Inky Jukebox (a kick-ass country music review site); Forte, which explores the fascinating jobs and pastimes people have based on interviews conducted with them; and Yuckylicious (exploring the world's worst cookbooks). She takes far too many photographs of herself and posts them incessantly. Micki can often be found wearing a cowboy hat or a tiara, depending on her mood. She pays the bills as a freelance writer, photo editor, and professional humorist. OK, the last one is debatable. Micki is a professional amateur and damn proud of it.

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