Micki's Blogs

Forte investigates what it’s like to have an interesting line of work or pastime by interviewing the people who really do them. It answers the question “What’s it like to…?” 

Yuckylicious is the food lover's antidote to today's beautiful cookbooks. It explores the world's worst cookbooks — investigating every aspect of what makes them awful. Yuckylicious only considers real, genuine, well-meaning cookbooks which are accidentally terrible, rather than gimmick cookbooks featuring deliberately nasty food.

The Inky Jukebox is passionate about country music — real music played by real musicians and sung by real singers. The Inky Jukebox provides an even-handed approach to critique, praising what is good and calling out what isn't, regardless of how much we like the artist in question. This is the place to find today's most exciting music with plenty of clips of live performances that will blow your lid off.

Scott's Last Blog recreates Scott of the Antarctic's famous Last Journal, which documented his tragic Terra Nova expedition. It runs according to date a century after the real events occurred. Consisting mostly of Scott's own words, it also includes details from other first-ahnd sources to flesh out a picture of daily life at the bottom of the world during the waning days of the Golden Age of Exploration.