Thursday, February 9, 2012


Chad Wys

Garage Sale Painting of Peasants With Color Bars

I came across this today. At first I thought this was a picture of a window blind painted rather in a rather witty fashion with the color bar — but at closer glance it is a painting. Very spiffy indeed.

Artist Chad Wys is my kind of chap. Smart and technically astute. His range of works are visual puns which utilize found objects to make statements about color and perhaps the ubiquity of photoshop in the digital age. I don't know. Perhaps they're not statements of any kind and just pretty. He has a nicely articulate artist statement that explains things, but I think you can figure out what he's doing for yourself.

Figurine of Lady With Spots

Like this series, for example:

Or this sort of thing:

She's In Pieces

I know a lot of folks will find his photographs from museums silly but I think they're brilliant.

At the Museum 2
Love love love this guy. I like him so much I'm not going to get all up in your grill with words, so I'll just encourage you to see for yourself. 

Chad Wys Online:

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