Friday, February 7, 2014

Olympic Pins!

Welcome to Sochi Winter Olympics Games!

In honor of this international meeting place of many nations, we expect visitors to make friends here in athletic manner to befit the Games. 

One of the traditions: collect as many different STDs as possible in your stay! 

Sochi Trading Decals are exchanged with goodwill throughout Olympics between many people. Every stranger you meet on the ski-lift and in your lobby has potential for a new type of STD you can pick up. Just ask! They will be sure to engage in vigorous STD swap with you. One person’s STD is another person’s treasure! 

Our robust aim is for you to leave Sochi weighted down with such a variety of odd and colorful STDs that you will amaze your friends and wives back home! Maybe you can even generously provide taste of Sochi experience by sharing your STDs with loved ones so they too can have the joy. 

Your glamorous STDs will hopefully last a lifetime. Perhaps when you travel again you will meet the one who gave you your favorite most memorable STD and tell them to reminisce on the good times. 

Sochi Trading Decals are everywhere — you cannot escape them even if you try so just do it. 

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