Saturday, March 2, 2013

World Peace

by Lucia Judy

My 10 year-old daughter drew this couple in the corner of the World Peace poster she made for a school project.

She’s always wanted to be an architect. It’s her passion. She was once told by a teacher at her school that she wasn’t allowed to put down “Architect” on a future careers form. The teacher told her to write something like “Dental Hygienist” instead. She was recently accepted into a prestigious Science and Technology Academy in order to get the math, computer modeling and civil engineering skills she’ll need to pursue her dream.

I mention this because her drawing reminds me of the ways in which the idiot teacher’s attitude will just be the beginning of the journey she’ll have among discriminatory idiots as she gets older.

I love the looks on this couple’s faces. I love the Rock Out! shirt. I love the way their love is a visible, public thing floating in the air between them. I love that my daughter, who has been reed-thin all her life, doesn’t give a fat flying fuck about what idiots tell her about what’s possible in life, or who you should love, or what you look like. 

Future Architect

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